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Valuein supports your transition to the Subscription Economy.

Expert in integration of Zuora, Valuein has developed Z-Keys a SaaS-based platform that speeds up and facilitates your time to market.

Z-Keys adapts perfectly to your brand’s graphic design and vision and integrates with your existing tools.

Valuein offers a solution, as well as consulting and its Zuora expertise.

Valuein joins the French branch of Eurocloud :

EuroCloud  is the leading network of cloud players in Europe with 1500 member companies in 31 countries. Its objective is to promote the development of Cloud Computing in France by players and users.


Benefits of selling products “as-a-service”,

services and usage based services

1- Generate recurring and additional revenues when shifting to products-as-a-service

  • Plan your business with forward looking sales revenus
  • Forecast sales, type and number of customers and sold products
  • Schedule concrete actions, in particular for marketing:
    • e.g.: specific offers, seasonal promotions, product bundling…)

2- Reduce costs and risk

      • Optimize purchases linked to orders (reduction of stock-outs)
      • Adapt organization to business planning

3- Test and launch new offers on top of your  traditional business

  • Accelerate go-to-market of digital offers as well as usage-based and subscription services
  • Reduction of additional costs related to the launch of new products
  • Flexible to customer needs

4- Strengthen relationship and improve customer lifetime

      • Optimize customer journey from customer onboarding to ERP integration
      • Offer a dedicated customer service
      • Enhance customer experience with real-time notifications
      • Propose offers adapted to customers’ consumption patterns


67% of companies have implemented or plan to implement

a solution for monetizing digital or subscription services.


How to choose the right tools to develop and

monetize your service offerings?


The platform must be able to manage your business model.


Furthermore, it should enable fine tuning of the customer relationship thanks to

a dedicated customer service module, notification settings, reports…


Monetization steps should be integrated into your ecosystem: CRM, provisioning,

which provides a global view of your business:

customers, sales, stocks, payments, cash flow.


New usage-based and subscription models

require specific monetization tools:


Your solution must therefore be flexible,

complete and configurable,

and integrated into your IT ecosystem.


Solution : Z-Keys


Website e-commerce / App Mobile

Site reflecting your visual identity,

Setup your subscriptions life cycle

Simplified mobile app site design


Quotation tool CPQ

Creation of quotes to follow all sales steps,

integrated CPQ,

complex pricing management



Billing tool set up according to your strategy


Dunning Management

Implementation of collection rules according to client typology


Partners Commissionning

Referencing of your commissioning partners,

commission calculation,

payment of commissions


Logistic : Shipping order management

Fully flexible shipping order management : the shipping cycle can be independent of the billing cycle


Cloud provisioning

Interconnection with your Cloud system in order to have a complete purchasing process : from the sale to the opening of the service


Master data

Definition of rules for detecting and connecting recording errors



Creation of complex reports according to your needs by simple setup


CRM Integration

Native integrations with Salesforce, and Zuora


ERP Integration

Transfer of the accounting elements from Zuora.

Generation of the standard accounting file (FEC)


Customer care

Facilitated navigation


Optimization of payment collection

Driving of the payment gateways,

Definition of the automated schedule,

Collection management,

Reconciliation of commissions and gateways payments

Z-Keys key factors

Quick implementation

The most complete solution that includes

all the necessary features for usage-based or

subscription business

Strong integration capacity

Flexible offer catalog

Z-keys provides a complete solution including an entire customer journey

as well as accounting capabilities integrated to the IT ecosystem.


  • Founded in 2016 by Geoffrey Potoczny, Valuein relies on the excellence of its 20 employees to support the development of your business in the Subscription Economy:
      • a team of expert consultants
      • a team of developers for the deployment of your solutions
  • With our experience and solutions, Valuein help companies to adapt their business processes to new business models, particularly, Subscription :
      • understanding of the company’s cultural issues and the technical complexities involved in this transformation
      • optimization of the customer experience

Subscriptions managed by Z-Keys
Project managed by Valuein
Years of activities

Cases Studies

Development of a subscription
offer in the retail industry

Home delivery, Product Picking, Project acceleration for subscription delivery




In the retail industry, traditional products selling relies on different acquisition channels:

                                                      • Point of sale
                                                      • Internet sites…

Today, there’s a market-shift in the retail industry with the new mode of consumption by subscription. This is a competitive challenge as well as a growth opportunity.

Whatever the size of the brands and the customer area, players have to reinvent themselves and switch to subscription.



The solution


Appropriate tools are necessary in order to develop these new business models.

Subscription monetization solutions should:

be developed in parallel of traditional product selling solutions

be adapted to the specifications of this mode of consumption (evolution of the product over time…)

meet the business needs:

                                                      • e-commerce site with its dedicated customer journey to invoicing and payment of orders before delivery
                                                      • logistics by facilitating order preparation for fluid shipments
                                                      • integrate data related to the subscription business model into the ecosystem

The Z-keys platform is the most complete platform on the market. It covers all of these needs for an accelerated go-to-market.




The Z-keys platform provides:

                                                      • quick launch of subscription offers
                                                      • stronger engagment and customer relationship with the brand
                                                      • easy setup and evolution of offers catalog
                                                      • management of product picking


"The integration of Zuora requires to master and coordinate a large number of subjects such as the definition of the offer, accounting recognition, financial monitoring, technical implementation. Valuein has provided us with this multifunctional expertise to enable us to succeed in our project."

Frédéric Pactat, web project manager

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