Development of a subscription
offer in the retail industry

Home delivery, Product Picking, Project acceleration for subscription delivery




In the retail industry, traditional products selling relies on different acquisition channels:

                                                      • Point of sale
                                                      • Internet sites…

Today, there’s a market-shift in the retail industry with the new mode of consumption by subscription. This is a competitive challenge as well as a growth opportunity.

Whatever the size of the brands and the customer area, players have to reinvent themselves and switch to subscription.



The solution


Appropriate tools are necessary in order to develop these new business models.

Subscription monetization solutions should:

be developed in parallel of traditional product selling solutions

be adapted to the specifications of this mode of consumption (evolution of the product over time…)

meet the business needs:

                                                      • e-commerce site with its dedicated customer journey to invoicing and payment of orders before delivery
                                                      • logistics by facilitating order preparation for fluid shipments
                                                      • integrate data related to the subscription business model into the ecosystem

The Z-keys platform is the most complete platform on the market. It covers all of these needs for an accelerated go-to-market.




The Z-keys platform provides:

                                                      • quick launch of subscription offers
                                                      • stronger engagment and customer relationship with the brand
                                                      • easy setup and evolution of offers catalog
                                                      • management of product picking
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