Benefits of selling products “as-a-service”,

services and usage based services

1- Generate recurring and additional revenues when shifting to products-as-a-service

  • Plan your business with forward looking sales revenus
  • Forecast sales, type and number of customers and sold products
  • Schedule concrete actions, in particular for marketing:
    • e.g.: specific offers, seasonal promotions, product bundling…)

2- Reduce costs and risk

      • Optimize purchases linked to orders (reduction of stock-outs)
      • Adapt organization to business planning

3- Test and launch new offers on top of your  traditional business

  • Accelerate go-to-market of digital offers as well as usage-based and subscription services
  • Reduction of additional costs related to the launch of new products
  • Flexible to customer needs

4- Strengthen relationship and improve customer lifetime

      • Optimize customer journey from customer onboarding to ERP integration
      • Offer a dedicated customer service
      • Enhance customer experience with real-time notifications
      • Propose offers adapted to customers’ consumption patterns
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