The delivery strategy enables you to define which shipping orders are to be communicated to your logistics system.


Setup according to different criteria such as:

  • Event triggering the shipping order (creation of subscription, issue of invoice, payment …).
  • Instant shipping or according to your publication calendar regardless of billing frequency.
  • Management of commercial reference and logistic reference (one product purchased in packages).
  • Authorization to sell on the e-commerce site according to the level of stocks.

This module integrates all the parameters necessary to control the delivery strategy for each product and enables real time stock monitoring.


The logistic module can handle all possible use cases, i.e.:


1- The commercial reference is the logistic reference.

2. The commercial reference is composed by several logistics references.

3.  The commercial reference is a subscription: the customer can change the content for the next shipment.

4- The customer has subscribed automatically: the sending process is carried out every month: order, invoice, dispatch, etc..

→ The invoice is generated only if the product is in stock.

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