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Who are you ?

Frédéric Pactat, Project Manager at Editions Tissot

How did the Lumio project start? What were your objectives at the time?

It became clear to us that HR staff in SMB lose a lot of time on administrative follow-up of their employees (drafting contracts, responding to an administrative request, changing the terms of acontract, accompanying a departure).

In the same time, the HR activity is getting more and more digitalized where as cheap and ready-to-use solutions are hard to find.

There was clearly an opportunity for us to complete our offer of digital services. Our offer of a subscription based business model enabled us to meet our customer’s needs.

Which services did you want to develop ?

Anassistance service based on the knowledge base of Editions Tissot : https://www.lumio-rh.fr/tarifs.html.

It allows HR managers to autonomously handle multiple cases, thanks to an automated Q&A system, which generates the necessary documents (contracts, letters, regulations). Employee information is hence securely stored, centralized and archived in accordance with the GDPR regulation.

What obstacles did you encounter ?

Editions Tissot has been offering subscription products for more than 40 years.Our systems were made for annual subscriptions. Adapting these systems to the Lumio project would have been a cumbersome process and would not have allowed all the flexibility expected on the project : monthly or annual subscription, credit card payment, SEPA, cheque or bank transfer, application of new rates on anniversary dates, usage based pricing,“suspendand resume”, etc.Very quickly, we identified Zuora as the solution adapted to our needs. Zuora put us in contact with their SI Valuein, who supported us on the integration of the solution and the launch of a first version of the offer. Given all the possibilities offered by the Zuora platform, we needed to identify how to best suitour product and our customers.Valuein’s support during this phase was much appreciated. In addition to this initial analysis phase, we were also able to make agile adjustments as the project progressed and thanks to customer feedback.

Can you tell us about your lessons learned ?

The Lumio platform was launched in April 2019. This first version allowed us to collect feedback from many customers and to improve their experience on our platform. Of the 3 planned offers, 2 were launched at the beginning and the third will be adapted according to feedback.The Zuora platform is a real agility tool for us and will allow us to quickly adapt to feedback from the market.

How will your service offerings evolve in the future?

We’re looking forward tomany new features andalsoa third offer bythe end of the year. Theinitialcustomer feedbackopened up forconsideringtools that werevery different from thosefirstplanned. The product as it will be in 2 years’ time will probably be very different from our initialplans and will certainly be much more adapted to our customers’ needs. However,it’s focus willalways beon supporting HR managers in the administrativemanagement of employeesandhelping themsave time.

Thank you,

Frédéric Pactat, Project Manager at Editions Tissot

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