Optimization of payment collection

The module “Payment Collection Optimization” consists of 4 steps:


1- Driving of the payment gateways:

The Z-Keys platform integrates several payment gateways according to different types of payments:

  • Stripe for the Credit Card
  • GoCardless for SEPA

The choice of payment gateways can be optimized according to various parameters:

  • Failure of certain payments
  • Cost of payment


2- Definition of the automated schedule:

Depending on the type of customer and/or the amount of the invoice, the “Sales department” will be able to set up a payment schedule.

The number of installments and the amount will be defined by the platform to optimize the payment success.


3- Collection management (including payment status and automated collection):

Setup according to the amount and the delay time of the debt to determine the dunning rules (sending email, sms, simple mail, registered mail…) and day-to-day tasks (suspension, cancellation of subscription…).

Possibility on each of the outstanding invoices to directly define a schedule in agreement with your customer.


4- Reconciliation of commissions and gateway payments:

When payments are collected, commissions are directly collected by the gateways.

The “Payment collection optimization” module has the ability to reconcile commissions with subscriptions, invoices and payments.

In case of failed payments, the reason for the failure is also mentioned which enables the choice of the best payment strategy according to the situation.

For example, it may be proposed to set up a schedule for a customer whose account is not funded.

Or, in case of credit card expiration, the Sales agent can contact the customer.

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