Development of a subscription
offer in the retail industry

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As a competitive challenge, the development of subscription-based delivery offers a key growth driver. All sectors in the retail industry are impacted by this new consumtion mode.


Delivery by subscription has indeed many advantages:

      • Recurring revenues bring predictability in business and thus a better organization
      • Lower costs and better risk mitigation
      • A stronger customer relationship with commitment during the entire customer lifetime
      • New marketing actions and specific offers may be implemented for these committed customers



How to choose a solution adapted to the monetization of a subscription offer?


A solution adapted to business needs


From acquisition to accounting


All stages of the monetization of the subscription offer are integrated: from the acquisition channels (e-commerce site/App.Mobile) integrating the customer journey to invoicing and partner payment, as well as product picking.


The Z-Keys platform integrates a flexible e-commerce module:

      • Set up of a wide product range catalog
      • Adapt the offer quickly over a very short period of time
      • Create complex and evolutive offers (discount, upgrade/downgrade,…)

This e-commerce website provides:

      • Ability to respond quickly to customer needs
      • Ability to test new offers (discounts, price offers, gifts according to the different purchases…)
      • Launch marketing actions


Example of the use of the platform for daily products’ delivery:

      • A hundred or so everyday products and new products to be tested (e.g. new product launch, new container…)
      • An updated product catalog on demand
      • A subscription periodicity from a week to a longer term

Flexible and easily configurable, the e-commerce website is instantly updated.

All the steps of the e-commerce site are integrated:

Offer presentation page:

Online shop:

My shopping cart:

The customer has the possibility to choose the periodicity of the subscription for each product.

My account:

The customer can access to all information, orders, subscriptions, payment methods and invoices. He can choose delivery slots (e.g. every Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm) in order to receive his parcels at the perfect time.

Optimizing payment success 


The Z-Keys platform optimizes payment success thanks to:


*that will increase the number of customers, decrease churn and increase revenues more quickly,

**which will make it possible to control the dunning of receivables according to the due amount, the due date, the type of dunning.

Strengthening customer loyalty and engagement


The customer relationship with the brand is strengthened through greater interaction throughout the subscription period. The commitment to the brand is stronger and the brand can multiply the exchanges with its customer, who becomes a real actor in the relationship with the brand. The customer can share his needs and preferences (e.g. questionnaire) and test offers.

In addition, marketing offers are proposed to the customer according to profile, consumption, needs and communication with the brand (new offers and new promotions).

Subscription delivery management


Real time business data is shown in configurable reports. This 360° vision provides activity monitoring.

Order preparation and products picking


A streamlined order management is essential.

A picking tool has been created to facilitate order preparation. With an ergonomic and easy to use UI, the picker has access to information about the products, their location and stock position.

Interfaced with the company’s logistics tools, the picking tool provides real-time information on the state of stocks and updates the stock position.


The Z-Keys offer adapts to the client context and to the business needs of the distribution sector with a very fast go-to-market.

Integration of the Z-Keys platform into the client’s ecosystem


Retail players often have a complex information system to manage the traditional sale of products.

The Z-keys platform autonomously manages the whole business model of the subscription offers. The sale of these new services must be integrated into the client’s entire ecosystem: logistics, IT, accounting for a 360° vision of the entire business.


In this competitive context, the Z-Keys platform allows the different brands to propose and develop subscription delivery offers with a very fast GoToMarket.

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