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More equitable collective heating

More equitable collective heating

A global solution for the individual metering and distribution of heating and water costs, available as a turnkey solution for professionals: building managers, condominium trustees and social landlords

The objective of the Temperly project is to enable the individualization of water and heating in collective buildings.

To do this, the installer installs the sensors on each radiator or water meter.

The sensors periodically send their meter readings to a pre-rating engine, developed in the Z-Keys solution.

The pre-rating engine automatically calculates the cost for each customer, based on the metering data, using different parameters depending on the location of the apartment and its size.

Z-Keys also provides access to the Temperly website for customers, installers, administrators and building managers to retrieve meter readings, make purchases and manage installed devices.


Pre-rating engine

In Z-Keys, Valuein has developed a pre-rating engine, which extracts raw data from the sensors. Coefficients determine the variable and individualized fixed part for each resident.



The website is composed of two parts, a public part visible to all users and a private part, with specific content for each type of user.


Creation of quotes

The installer can generate quotes directly in the app by providing information on building, the trustees, products and quantities. The prefilled quote is automatically generated by Z-Keys and the prefilled contract is ready to be signed by the building manager and the installer.


Purchases of tools and equipment

Tools and necessary equipment for the installation of the sensors can be purchased directly in the app in the installer space.


Installation form

The installation form references the sensors of each apartment and determines the coefficients to be applied when calculating the individualization.


Consumption report

The report (a pdf file) displays the details of the calculation for each resident: the fixed and variable part for water or heat consumption.


Consumption graph

The graph shows the consumption month by month compared to the average of the rest of the building, in order to prevent over-consumption.


Mobile App

The mobile application makes the installer’s work easier:

  • meetings can be scheduled directly in the app
  • the installation form can be filled online or offline
  • automatic server synchronization of the data collected during the installation
  • reading of the bar code on the devices
  • possibility to take pictures of the installation
  • stand alone mode, even without any available network in the building
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